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Professional and high-quality CNC machining is something we take for granted.

The difference is made by many small services that we also offer our customers as a matter of course.

Before every start of production, there are many considerations in which we are happy to assist our customers and contribute our years of accumulated know-how.
In this way, we are often able to execute the manufacturing process for our customers more cost-effectively.

Material advice – material procurement
We can show our customers the best possible material properties right from the design stage, and we will take care of the appropriate and economical material procurement for you.
For this purpose, we have been able to build up a large pool of suppliers in recent years. Of course, the necessary stocking of materials required for the respective project is also a part of it.

Material testing
The incoming goods inspections are used to check the ordered materials in detail and to ask for material certificates if requested by the customer.

On-time delivery
All steps, from procurement of the materials through production, surface finishing and labelling to delivery are timed according to your time specifications.

Delivery in the Rhein-Main area
We regularly deliver to our customers in the Rhine-Main area. If there is a tight deadline, we can deliver with our vans at short notice.

We are happy to arrange framework orders with our customers so that reserve quantities can be called up and fluctuations can be absorbed.

These are just some of the benefits that you as a STEIGERWALD customer can fall back on.

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